Other Productions - The Crucible - brief comments by
Louise Badsey

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starring Gareth Thomas as the Judge
Photo of Gareth in Judge Danforth costume reproduced here with permission of the Horizon fan club, who took the photo.

Gareth Thomas in Costume
To be honest, he was the best thing in the play! The first half of it had the same scene all the way through but with about 15 people on stage all at the same time. Everybody spoke very fast to each other and it was difficult to understand exactly what was going on! Basically, it involved some girls going into the woods at night and dancing around doing rituals and basically messing about. The one of them becomes ill and they all think she's possessed by the devil. Then it all gets very out of hand and they get accused of witchcraft and end up in court.

The second half of the play has two scene changes, which was a lot easier to cope with. However, you still get an awful lot of people on stage at a time and they're all talking fast again. The main problem is trying to remember which character is which and trying to remember their names so that you know who they are talking about. Anyway, we get onto the final court scene where in strolls Gareth Thomas! Yeah! Big smiles appear on our faces as we see good old Blake in action!
I tried to note down as much about him as possible for those of you who are interested. He wore a large red coat with buttons down the arms and front which came down to his knees. Then we were particular amused to see that he was wearing tights which you could see from his knees down. They were thick black tights - must have been about 50 denier!! Then he had some little black slip-on shoes with a big square buckle on them. He was wearing a judges wig so had curls down to his shoulders. He also had lots of shiny white hair on top. We decided that this was not his own hair, but a full wig. Anyway he looked wonderful!

When he spoke, you could picture him as Blake. He shouted a lot at first which made you think of him raving about getting revenge at the Federation. Then he also spoke quite softly, which reminded you of when he used to talk to Jenna in a gentle way. It was very nice to see him and he was certainly the best part of the play!


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