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Featuring Steven Pacey and Rik Mayall

A review by Emma Peel
December 2000

Been to see the Steven Pacey play, 'A Family Affair.' Some folk are
going to see it when it's on tour later this month so I won't say too
much, but he still looks very dapper, he came out to sign things at the
stage door and .. umm...

The trousers were a very similar colour to the Harvest of Kairos ones.
Well, hey, you know I've always liked costumes best. Still to the left, I
think you get my drift.

I wasn't so keen on his little bow tie, but he took it off quite early
on, so that was ok.....

And despite not having top billing, in all honesty (and you know I'm
more avonite than anything else, so believe me!) he was a much better actor than the lead Rik Mayall, who IMHO hasn't found out how to be subtle in any kind of humour.

Steven gave a good comedic portrayal of a favoured son and slightly
domineering husband at the end of his tether with the dippiest wife in
the world... also amusing that his character spent a fair amount of time
wondering how he looked on the telly.... Blimey though, he's aging well.

umm.... actually that's the first sort of B7 actor play I've been to,
being new to fandom and all, but it wasn't nearly as odd an experience as I thought it would be. Bit disconcerting to see the legs akimbo Tarrant pose at odd moments, but I resuspended my disbelief very easily and had a lovely time.

(Thinks - other people's theatre reviews look a lot more professional
than this. Will be even more appreciative in future. Apologies for rambling, am v v tired from lots of beer!)


See Emma Peel's Shrine to Avon Website


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