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How to Make a Federation Trooper Action Figure
Model and Instructions by Paul K. (Thanks Paul, it's brilliant!!)


Federation Guard Model
  • 1 inch black vinyl insulating tape, folded in half, makes perfect Federation straps!!

  • A season one trooper has just the belt and one diagonal strap, while a season 2 NCO like I produced has two straps crossing over on his back.

  • The NCO chest panel is a 70mm high triangle with a 50mm base cut from textured carpet tape.

  • Some TV versions seem to be like this, while others have a FEDERATION logo embossed on them. Bit too tough, for me, that!

  • As with the helmet, some compromises had to be made in design of the gun due to the scale.

  • The body is basically a 55mm length of a 10mm wide black biro with the end cut to an angle!

  • The back of the gun (The magazine) is where the ball point used to come out!

  • The grip and shoulder rest were guestimated by me from video pauses, so are a bit innacurate, and the slats are just five 3mm x 40mm strips of the 1mm plasticard layered around the pen!

  • Details, such as the stock and chrome barrel shroud were all obtained from my model 'bits' box, so should be relatively easy to find.
Blaster and Helmet


  • The buttons on the uniform and studs around the helmet are all pin heads glued in place.

  • The pocket is another piece of insulating tape, with a hand-painted logo. This is up to you, as it can be silver or red and blue. Red insulating tape strips detail the blaster, and the boots are, obviously, the ones that came with the figure.

  • When complete, the figure retains all his posability for 'playing' with, and as long as lots of good glue joins were used, it shouldn't be too fragile.Careful with the gun though!

  • The finished trooper makes a good shelf display model as it will be a 'unique' collectable.
Federation Guard without Helmet

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