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Blake after 7

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2016 5:50 pm    Post subject: Blake after 7 Reply with quote

CHAPTER ONE..."It's farewell from me"

The Liberator had been hit, the aliens blasting their lasers in such a heavy arsenal that it was damaging the ship to the extent the auto-repair systems would no longer cope with.

Zen Computer, the very living life-force of the Liberator blurted out its last informative status of the ships current condition.

"damage to the auto repair circuits and navigational system is now complete...the tele-port malfunction is now total..."

Roj Blake, the so-called freedom-fighting leader of the rabble from Earth fell to his knees in the corridor, the white hexagonal tube lights flashing as the lights dimmed, the ship was draining of power.

"we..we can't leave...we must see this through...to the end, like we said!"

Blake's words were bitter, but he also winced in pain from the injury sustained to him from the now dead Travis aboard Star One.

Jenna Stannis crouched down to his side and lifted his chin with her fingers, "Blake..come on..we have to go...don't you see we have done all we can"

Vila Restal's somewhat panic-laced voice came over the tannoil, "Avon...the life capsules are still operational, let's get out while we still can...Avon!"

Vila had sounded desperate and the explosions rocked the ship further. Both Blake and Jenna made eye contact, then both looked round to see Kerr Avon and the telepath Cally appear from around the corner.

Avon looked at Blake on his knees, "you can prayer all you like Blake...but with religion being outlawed, you've got no one else so save you but yourself"

Blake shook his head and looked up at him, "I'd rather die here upon the Liberator then just to run and to give it all up", he spat.

Avon looked like he didn't care either way, "You are a fool Blake...do what you feel you have to do...but I'm saving my neck!"

With that, Avon was gone, Cally went to go after him and paused, she turned to Jenna, "are you coming?"

Jenna stared back at her, then turned to Blake, she shook her head, "I'm with Blake..."

Cally managed a smile as the disabled ship took yet another hit, "good luck..to both of you"

"COME ON CALLY!", came Avon's cry over the tannoil. Cally had to smile to herself, the only reason why he was hurrying her along was because she had the brilliant super-computer Orac in her grasp, if she hadn't, she would've have been on her own...

With a parting nod, she went along her way dodging the falling wires and innards the ship was starting to sprew out into the corridors.

Zen rang out again.

"Confirmation has now been accepted...computers recommend immediate evacuation by life capsule..."

Jenna pushed her hair out of her eyes and turned to Blake, she had to be gentle, "we can't stay Blake...you must see that..."

Blake smiled and shook his head coming to his senses, "I'm a stubborn fool...I've always have been...will you help me to stand?"

Jenna nodded and grabbed his arm, she managed to get him upright, with one of Blake's arms held around her neck the other on the damaged wall. Another shockwave hit the ship.

Smoke and heat poured out from the wires hanging over their heads as they struggled up the corridor. Jenna helped Blake into the life capsule cell, the others if seemed had departed only moments before them.

The ship rocked further as Jenna shifted to the pod and opened the slide hatch, Blake, who was looking delirious now, leaned on the side, she grabbed him and maneuvered him to a position where he could just roll in.

She planted a firm kiss on his dry lips, "good luck...I'm sure your cause will win out in the end...", she said sadly.

Blake managed a smile as he saw her face disappear as the hatch slid shut.

And within seconds the capsule was jettisoned from the Liberator.

Blake couldn't see much around him, all he knew that the capsule was taking him further and further away out of the War Zone. He just hoped that they were all too of a small target to bring down.

Blake closed his eyes, his wound was still agony. The pain making him pass out as the medication and pain relief was starting to wear off.

He didn't know for how long he had been out of it for, because when he opened his eyes again, he was no longer in the life capsule.

He was somewhere else...
That's all for now folks!
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Joined: 17 Mar 2016
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 12:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

CHAPTER TWO..."Life goes on"

Blake was indeed elsewhere, he was lying on a soft leather bunk. The ceiling above was brightly lit and the walls were metallic grey. He sat up, he felt quite dazed and his wound that was still bandaged felt numb.

He looked down to see that his weapon had gone, but thankfull his only link to the Liberator, his teleport bracelet, was still around his wrist.

He tried to have a guess of how many hours had passed since the evacuation of the ship, by his stubble growth more than a few hours.

He rose his wrist to his mouth and spoke, "...this is Blake, Liberator are you receiving me? If you are, I am safe and well. Zen, you are instructed to begin a search and pickup program...you must..."

The door slid aside and Blake closed the channel to the link, he looked up to the female that entered, she was tightly done up in a red and green jumpsuit and brandishing a neon blaster.

"So...you are awake, then?"

Blake could detect an element of strength in her voice. He nodded and managed to utter, "where am I?"

The girl considered him, "You are on board the Saint Elsewhere...we picked you up thinking you were scrap"

"I'm sorry to disappoint you"

He then put his hand to his head feeling a bout of dizziness take hold as he moved to stand.

The girl smiled at last, "we gave you a tranqualiser, a) because we didn't know you were hostile and b) because of your injury"

Blake mustered a thankful smile, "thank you...are you incharge?"

She shook her head as she helped him stand, "no...Teral Kebal is captain...he's waiting to see you"

Blake looked at her, "what is your name?"

She smiled at him, "I am Lexa"

Blake was lead by Lexa down the short metal passage to a store area where he sighted his life capsule from the Liberator. It had been completed stripped.

There was allsorts of other bits of junk around and it was clear that these people were salvagers of somekind.

A small door slid away ahead of them, and it revealed the cramped control area. Three others sat, all male.

The lead of the three came forward cautiously, "So the stranger is awake..."

Blake stepped forward, "you must be captain Kebal...I am Roj Blake...I must thank you for..."

Kebal cut him off, "BLAKE the freedom fighter? Is it really so?"

Blake shook his head, relieved that he appeared to be amongst friends, "yes...I must thank you for rescuing me"

"It's an honour Blake! We have heard much coverage from you and the great Liberator for months...you were in the war?"

Blake sat down because his wound was playing up, "yes...we abandoned ship reluctantly, was you in the war also?"

Kebal looked at the others and back to him shaking his head, "No, no...we weren't even involved, this ship is not even armed. No, we are smugglers...but we have homed into alot of Federation distress calls and transmissions...Star-One was destroyed you know..."

Blake closed his eyes as a memory flashed before him of Jenna, "...I'm sure your cause won in the end"

"...the Federation is in disarray...there is alot of confusion going on"

Blake opened his eyes and met Kebal's, "good"

The smugglers ship the Saint Elsewhere was enroute to the planet Epheron, Blake remained with them. All around this region of space there was nothing but wreckage from the war. It was evident that the scars of the war would be seen for decades to come.

Captain Kebal informed Blake that he had smuggled a wanted a client out from the planet Tassyn for 3000 credits, he was to bring the client to Epheron where he'd be paid.

Over their drink, Blake looked up at him, acting like he had been given a hint, "...do you wish payment from me? Saving my life...I am sure I can arrange it..."

Kebal threw his hands up at him like he had been offended, "no, no...not YOU Blake...the hero of the hour, defeater of the Terran Federation..."

Blake relaxed.

"...but, I cannot keep you...on Epheron, you are to disembark"

Blake sat back and shook his head in total understanding, "yes...I am a risky cargo...", he stood and shook the smugglers hand, "...now I must sleep...goodnight"

Kebal nodded and watched Blake disappear through the doorway.

Jestal, who'd been sat at the controls watched Blake go then turned to Kebal, "do you know what this could mean?"

Kebal finished his drink and looked up to Jestal, he had a scar down the left side of his face, "What?"

"Roj Blake, freedom fighter...the reward for his capture we could expect!", cried Jestal grinning with manic undertones.

Kebal was shocked and stood from his seat, "What? Do you know what you are saying Jestal? Roj Blake is on our side...opposing the Federation"

"Yes...", Jestal said circling the small control centre, "...we have lost alot of revenue to Lumboz...after the war, he is calling his debts in, the reward we could get for his ransome is more than enough we need to pay him off"

Kebal was angry, "No Jestal! We are dumping him on Epheron and there will be no informing of the authorites...anyway, given the war, the Federation is in turmoil...shattered...why should there be a reward?"

Jestal watched his Captain stride off, he turned away and slumped back into the flight controls, "We'll see", he muttered under his breath.

In his cabin, Blake sat on the bunk and had his wrist to his mouth, "If you are receiving me Zen, I am on my way to Epheron...I believe it is in the lorital system ...I am currently safe and well, so I am in no urgent need of immediate teleport...", Blake sensed the presense behind the door with the shadow beneath, he stood, "...Blake out"

Blake went to the door, paused, then quickly pressed the release, it quickly slid aside to reveal Lexa.

"Blake...I must warn you...Jestal means you harm"

Blake pulled her inside his cabin and the door shut, "What do you mean? Turn me in?"

Lexa looked at him and nodded, "Yes...be warned"

Blake looked grateful, "I've got out of tighter situations than this...thanks for warning me"

The Saint Elsewhere cruised towards Epheron, the bloated shadow of the planet was ahead of it.

At the flight controls, Teral Kebal was tuned in to his contact on the planet, "it's me...Lexa is aboard, have our fee ready on our ETA"

"Copy code one"

The battered form of the spacecraft Saint Elsewhere landed upon the arid surface of Epheron.

Inside Kebal walked into the main storage section to see Jestal at the commlink, he was looking sheepish.

"What are you doing?"

Jestal jumped up, "The reward, Kebal, the reward!"

With the butt of his weapon, the Captain hit Jestal rendering him unconscious. Outside on the ships ramp, Blake stood with Lexa. Kebal informed them about Jestal's attempt to call Federation security.

"I don't know whether if he was successful getting through, Blake"

Blake tried to take it in his stride, "I'll just have to have my wits about me Kebal, if Star-One is destroyed like you say, then there is little chance of a transmission getting through to Earth"

Lexa pointed, "Look...it's my father and the others, they will have payment for you Kebal"

Blake turned to her somewhat surprised, "but I thought YOU were one of the crew"

Kebal shook his head, "She was the cargo Blake...not that you would know it, she blends into any situation that warrants it, she's handy to have around"

Lexa's father paid Captain Kebal to transfer his daughter accross Federation space without clearance.

"You are welcome to stay for a while Blake", She said tugging his arm.

Blake smiled at her, "Yes...I will like that very much...but for only a WHILE it must be..."

And he looked up at the red sky wondering how far the Liberator was for teleporting him off this rock.
That's all for now folks!
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

CHAPTER THREE..."Guns and Roses"

Roj Blake stayed with the community on Epheron for about six weeks. There wasn't many of the group, maybe a few dozen so families. All of them choosing to live outside of Federation authority.

The set up was made up of scattered pre-fab domes that colonists used some 600 years ago. The only thing capable of outside communication, was a battered old radio transmitter that nearly looked as old as the domes.

It was now Blake sat at the link. Lexa was beside him watching him closely, "are you sure you know what you are doing? That transmission you made last week, did you really get through to your friends?"

Blake looked at her meeting her gaze with a kind smile, "they are not friends in the real sense, Bangrelle is an old rogue who has no love for the Federation, although he is not the one to go and actively fight them...but for a fee, I'm sure he'd get me off this rock..."

Lexa laughed, "Now that's gratitude for you!"

Blake tried to backtrack, "No, no...I'm am grateful to you and your father about letting me stay...but it was always going to be temporarily..."

Lexa leaned in and gave him a reasuring grin, "I was only joking with you...if I could get off this rock sometime soon, I'd jump at the chance..."

Blake frowned at her, "but you have only just come back..."

"I was visiting my brother on one of the outer worlds...but I became stranded there when the war broke out...father managed to get me passage home...but...oh I don't know...", she looked up to the sky, "...there's just so much out there, I can't bare to even think I might be stuck here for all my life...my brother was always the adventurous one"

Suddenly there was shouts and cries outside the dome. Blake removed the rusty headphones from the ancient link from his ears and jumped to his feet, Lexa slowly followed and both of them exited the dome to see everybody in the village pointing to the foreground, Blake could see it was a TX9 transporter ship that was used by Bangrelle and his associates.

He shook his head in disbelief, "I didn't really belief I'd even get through...but..."

Lexa tugged at his arm excitedly and pulled him towards her father and the others as they all went to the perimeter of the village proper.

Changa, Lexa's father, turned to Blake when he came to stand beside him, "Is it your friends? Nobody visits us here on Epheron..."

Blake then noticed armed snipers on the sandstone cliff edges all around them, Changa met his gaze, "...we cannot afford to trust anyone Blake..."

Before Blake could respond, there was gunfire. Lexa grabbed Blake's arm and cried out, "Look!"

Blake could see a squadron of Federation troops move towards them. A sniper took a potshot at one of them and the injured trooper retaliated by shooting him down with his weapon.

More and more of the snipers were targeted as the villagers panicked and started running for cover.

But it was a massacre.

Blake grabbed Lexa's hand as she turned and watched her father fall to his knees clutching his stomach. Blake half pulled/half dragged Lexa to the rocks out of sight. She clamped her hands over her ears as the Federation troops continued their brutal slaying of the innocents some of them children.

Blake peered around the rock and was about to signal Lexa to move when a shadow darkened over him blotting out the sun and from that point on, he didn't know anymore...


Blake was dazed, but slowly coming around as he was dragged by two Federation troops towards the ramp of the TX9 transporter ship.

Why hadn't he been killed also? Why massarce all of them and not him?

Inside the transporter, Space Commander Zain viewed the moniter as Roj Blakes details scrolled across the screen.

"You are correct soldier...you were right not to kill him", he turned and faced the trooper from where they were in the small flight deck, "...where is he now?"

"Being held in the back sir...awaiting further orders"

Zain chuckled as he stood off the swival chair and put his hands together, "So...the Federation may be in disarray after the war...but at least Blake will be executed", he looked at the troop, "...you have done well Cole"

Cole stood to attention in respect, "thank you sir...but can I say that if you didn't intercept his signal to Bangrelle and his traitors, we may never of even come here"

Zain was amused, "yes...poor Bangrelle...having half the Federation fleet crash to his bolt hole and then offering us help...yes he has been VERY helpful"

Cole looked up, "Sir...what about the prisoners we took from Bangrelle's bolt hole...why didn't we kill them too?"

Zain sniffed and pointed to the databanks, "take a look for yourself...there are plenty of wanted political exiles who went to Bangrelle for refuge...those who weren't keen to fight back like Blake...I'm sure back on Earth they will ALL meet their destinys. Now I think we'll set a course for Kobol, it's the nearest holding planet in this sector - set course and calculate an E.T.A...once there, hopefully I can contact Earth control..."


Blake laid back on the hard bunk. He felt weak and giddy, it seemed that one of the troopers had rendered him unconscious when another was about to shoot him straight in the head.

He managed to lift himself up and rubbed the back of his neck, then his eyes were directly to his wrist in doing so. His teleport bracelet, it was gone! He couldn't contact the Liberator even if he wanted too.

The confine around him wasn't standard Federation norm, as he was quickly suspecting, it seemed that the Federation personnel on this ship had commendeered and modified it.

The narrow oval door then slid aside. Space Commander Zain stepped in whilst two of his troopers waited outside in the blank corridor.

"So...Blake...you are awake"

Blake looked up at him from where he sat, hand still rubbing the back of his bruised neck, "yes I am...and who might you be?"

Zain sounded like he was pleased to introduce himself openly, "I am Space Commander Zain - it was my squadron of pursuit ships that led off the alien fleet when they went in to destroy Star-One"

Blake smiled at him, "but you failed, didn't you? Star-One was destroyed...I was told"

Zain shrugged it off quickly, he was certainly not going to loose face to him, "yes it was...but I am sure that Earth Control's woes will be lifted somewhat by your apprehension...with you being at the top of their most wanted list"

Blake's smiled faded as he realised, "are we going back to Earth?"

Zain nodded, hands behind his back, "No...we don't have enough fuel...we are heading to Kobol, the Federations nearest facility complex. There we can refuel and contact high command on Earth"

Blake relaxed back onto the bunk, "you may not be in luck, with Star-One destroyed, all communications this far out have been severely severed"

Zain's stance changed. He stooped and with his hand, cupped Blake's neck forcing him to the wall, his tones became menacing, "I could have you executed on the spot Blake..." he hissed through gritted teeth, "...but I do not want to damage the presidents prize, do I..."

It was Blake's turn to take the menacing tone, "you do not have the guts..."

Zain straightened up and turned to the trooper in the doorway, "give me it"

The trooper obeyed and handed his superior officer the teleport bracelet, he held it up to Blake. Blake swallowed and stared at it, desperately wanting to reach out for it, but Zain simply let it drop from his grasp and he then crushed down onto it hard with is boot. Zain looked thoroughly amused.

He looked up to Blake, "Nobody is coming for YOU Blake...", he turned to the trooper, "...take him through...he can be put in with others we seized at Bangrelles bolthole"

Blake was stunned as he stood up, "Bangrelle? HE is here...? On this ship"

Zain couldn't help smirk gladly taking the upper hand, "no...", he smarmed, "...he is dead, took a bullet to the head like the rest of his followers...no, no, Blake...we have ALL the political exiles he was hiding...all like you going back to Earth to be punished...and...", he leaned in, "...I've let it slip it was YOU who gave away their location...I'm sure when you meet them, you will be far from popular...take him through"

Blake looked back at him, then was manhandled out into the corridor.
That's all for now folks!
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

CHAPTER FOUR.."Space attack"

Roj Blake stood at the oval door. The Federation officer Cole tapped in the auto unlock and the door slid aside, "In you go..."

Blake stepped in and entered. The door slid shut and he was amassed by a group of dejected individuals of all shapes and sizes.

A young woman of about 25 came forward. Her curly hair shaped her bitter expression on her face, "It's YOU! You gave away our position!"

A Black man rushed forward and grabbed Blake by the lapels, he was ready to thump him one.

"No wait! I haven't betrayed you! You have to believe me...it's me...it's Blake!"

The black man was ready to thump him regardless of explanation, when there was another voice fighting through the other murrs and rurrs in the room.

"He's telling you the truth...Blake hasn't betrayed anyone!"

Blake recognised the voice immediately. It was Lexa. He shoved the black man aside and went to her, "Lexa! I feared they might have killed you..."

She shook her head, "they took me prisoner when they thought I was with you..."

The other girl shook her head, "No...they have told us Blake...they told us that YOU betrayed Bangrelle and gave them our location..."

The black man shook his head in agreement, "Cora's right...", he approached Blake with gritted teeth, "...what have they promised you? A lighter sentance for giving them secret locations?"

Blake swallowed and stood proud, "this is what they want...can't you understand it...Zain wants you ALL to think I have betrayed you...but I haven't, I give you my word"

Lexa nodded, "I can vouch for him...he came to my world after being rescued after the war...he hasn't given away any secret location to anyone..."

Cora glanced torwards the black man, "what do you think Rowe? Could he be telling us the truth?"

Rowe was clearly mulling it over in his mind, but he came forward and asked, "where are your friends Blake? Where is this super ship that you and your associates cruise the galaxy in?"

"The Liberator? We were involved in the war...when the aliens started their assault, Liberator took a lot of their first salvo trying to hold them off...the ship was damaged beyond the auto repair circuits capabilties to keep up with...so we all abandoned ship by life capsule"

Rowe raised his eyebrows, "and then...?"

Blake shrugged glancing to Lexa as he answered, "I was picked up by smugglers who were on passage to Epheron..."

Lexa nodded, "see...like I told you...I was there, I was on the smugglers ship, they were giving me paid passage to Epheron"

Cora wasn't so convinced by his story, "and when you arrived, it was then you betrayed Bangrelle"

Blake was really seething with frustration now, "No! I wanted help...I contacted Bangrelle because I knew he had resources that could get me off Epheron, I made a transmission and...", he trailed off and closed his eyes.

Cora folded her arms and shook her head, "that's right...THEY intercepted your transmission..."

Rowe shook his head and sat down on a low metal bench that was attached to the bulkhead wall, "no...it's not all Blake...after the war some of the fleet crashed down on Delta 4...Bangrelle was convinced that because of the war, nobody would be still looking for political exiles...he was wrong"

Others in the group exchanged glances. Cora came forward, "So why did YOU let us believe it was Blake? When Space Commander Zain told us it was him YOU told us to believe him"

Rowe exhaled, "I just wanted everybody to believe that it wasn't Bangrelle's fault that we were captured...he just showed compassion to injured Federation officers and had us all taken prisoner in the process"

Blake came to stand beside Cora and looked at her, "Wasn't it you who stood up to the government about the slaughter of a thousand citizens on Crewkella 9?"

She shook her head, "I issued the report to space command...they were waiting to arrest me the next day...", she was bordering on upset, "...if it wasn't for Bangrelle, I would be dead by now..."

Rowe nodded, "We are ALL exiles...the government on Earth will be rubbing their hands in glee with all our captures"

Blake shrugged, "Ohhhh I don't know...I think I might be at the top of their agendas...", he turned and faced them all, "...but we are not there yet..."


Space Commander Zain sat back in his leather swival chair, he took his eyes away from the scanners and turned to Cole, "have you done those calculations yet? How long will it be until we can make contact with Kobol?"

Cole tapped the information into his data controls, "calculations completed sir...15 hours...and it will be at least 10 hours before we can make contact"

Zain nodded and sat back into the chair resting his back, "well...I suppose Blake can wait..."

Suddenly the entire ship shook. Zain jumped up onto his feet agasp, "what the hell was that?"

Cole switched on the scanners on the deck infront of him, "Warship sir...it looks like Thraxan"

Zain frowned as he came to his shoulder, "As in Thraxa IV? Aren't they apart of the Federation now?"

Cole nodded, "No...the treaty didn't go through...anyway they make alot out of the Federation being an recreation and relaxation spa...most of it's clientale are high ranking officers"

"then WHY are they firing at us?"

Cole shrugged, " I don't know sir...maybe it's because they don't recognise our class of ship...they feel threatened"

"Then get on that communicator and hail them...NOW!", Zain ordered.


As the ship took another hit, Blake jumped to his feet, "there it is again...the ship is under attack"

Lexa looked at him, "From who? What if the aliens are seeking revenge..."

Rowe shook his head as everybody gathered around in the holding cell, "the war is over now...surely it can't be"

Suddenly all turned to see a trooper enter through the oval door. The ship swayed as he did and Rowe jumped forward and kicked the weapon out of his grasp. Cora gasped as Rowe grabbed hold of the gun as it slid across the cell floor and held it towards the trooper who was steading himself.

As the trooper lunged forward, Rowe open fired and cut him down. Blake grabbed his arm from behind, "What are you doing?"

Cora moved to the doorway and looked out, "What does it matter what is happening? We are free to take control whilst the attacks keeping them busy...we are more of them!"

Rowe was already stripping the troopers body, "I've got an idea..."


At the flight deck, Space Commander Zain tried to get through to the Federation outpost on Kobol, "Control on Kobol, come in...we are under attack...weapon systems have been disabled...Kobol...COME IN!"

His reply was nothing but static and crackles across the air-waves.

Suddenly a trooper came stumbling in and feel to his knees and then onto his side, "what the?"

Blake was in the oval doorway, Rowe was behind him and they were both armed and dressed in Federation trooper boilersuits, "We've taken over", Blake simply uttered.

The ship took another blast sending everybody flying to one side. Cole stood up from the swival chair but Rowe swung around and shot him down. Zain picked himself up off the floor and gave Blake a shove against the wall, he then ran out into the corridor.

Blake and Rowe gave chase to see Zain lock himself into an escape pod. Others were watching and looking at eachother...then there was a mass dash.

"There can only be a few pods", cried Rowe.

Lexa called out from where she sat in a pod on the left hand side, "Blake quickly now!"

Another inmate was about to drag her out from the pod when Rowe took aim and downed him. Blake seized his arm, Rowe shook his head.

"Would you rather die here?"

And they both clambered to the pod fighting off others.

It was survival of the fittest to escape the crippled ship.
That's all for now folks!
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

CHAPTER FIVE..."Recreation and relaxation"

After their miraculous escape from the crippled TX9 Transporter, Roj Blake, Lexa and Rowe strolled through the main plaza of Thraxa IV complex.

Blake took in his surroundings. He had never been here before and whilst its residents or its visitors had happy smiles upon their faces, he knew it wasn't because they were dazed by some suppressant drug, it was because they were fully refreshed and renewed and were enjoying the whole Thraxa IV experiance.

Everyone was dressed in toweled robes. There was family groups, couples and single individuals coming and going along the corridor past them, and up and down the escalcators that stretched far up above a spectacular water feature and down below the misty paradise gardens of the lower level.

"My family used to holiday here when I was young", told Rowe as they turned the corner to face reception, "my mother used to remark how she felt 20 years younger after each visit"

Lexa turned, "The Federation haven't got any involvement with this place then?"

Rowe shook his head, "No...Thraxa VI is strictly neutral...but I think the Federation do have shares in the place...where do you think all that fine wine comes from!"

Blake was quiet. His eyes were looking at one thing to the next. Lexa tapped his shoulder, "Blake? Are you alright? You seemed miles away just then"

Blake laughed it off, "Just taking everything in. I'm so glad we removed our Federation suits...I dare say a military presence gets them all gittery"

Rowe came to a railing that over looked the waterfall and turned, "they have warship capabilites. They attacked us remember, I dare say that security control here didn't recognise the ships tag code. The Federation may have shares in the place but I dare say that if given the chance, they'd take complete control"

Lexa pointed towards reception, "shall we register? I'm sure if we lay low here for a while, we'll be alright"

Blake nodded, although he was a tad unsure. Rowe laughed, "Blake we are both exiles, but all that doesn't really matter here, does it?"

Blake tagged along behind them both, "No it doesn't...but I sooner not be an exile here and never set foot off the place...a while it will only be...for ME anyway"


Space Commander Zain was starting to fume inside. The ultra polite receptionist was seeing to a couple infront of him, so he took charge and shoved them aside.

The rather flummoxed receptionist looked up at him, "can I be of assistance sir?"

Zain slammed his hands onto the white plastic desk between them, "Yes you can...I am Space Commander Zain of the Terran Federation...I insist that you get me somebody incharge out here to see me NOW"

The receptionist stood straight, "Federation personnel are of course welcome on Thraxa IV...but I find you most aggressive, if you don't mind me pointing out, sir"

Zain tutted, "Well I'll apologise if I come across as aggressive...perhaps you could have pointed that out when YOUR warship attacked my transporter in orbit"

The girl dressed in a pure white plastic wraparound turned and pressed a button that was on the silver wall behind her, she turned and smiled, "please take a seat space commander - I have placed a summons to our advisary division here on Thraxa IV"

Zain was about to explode with rage but dared not to when he realised there were now others in reception waiting for assistance, reluctlantly, he crossed over to a plastic white chair and sat down in a huff.


As the triangular door to the appartment slide aside, Blake entered and started to take in his surroundings. The room was quite large but was sparsely furnished. The oval windows at the far end of the appartment were tinted dark so you couldn't see outside. The centre of the room was down 3 steps and was mounted by a centre piece that consisted of a blocked unit that sat 6 silver and gold decorative orbs of different sizes.

Rowe pushed passed him and went down the steps and immediately jumped onto the cream sofa that was one of two on opposite sides of the room.

"Well...look at this...I cannot believe we managed to get all this for ourselves...I told you, these Thraxan people know how to lookafter their visitors"

Lexa turned as she looked about herself and was blunt, "we ARE expected to pay for all this when we leave you know...", she looked back towards Blake, "...you said you could arrange payment...can you?"

Blake shrugged and smiled at her, "I'll do my upmost best...hopefully I can contact a friend of mine who could arrange it for me..."

Rowe considered him from where he laid on the sofa, "What friend?"

Blake was coy, "leave that to me...I know alot of people who sympathise with my course...and now, with the Federations communications in such disarray...I can contact them without any problems"

Lexa was practical, "and if you can't...contact them that is?"

Blake laughed, "then we play it by ear"

Rowe was over to a wall elcove and opened up a locker, he laughed as he pulled out a crystal style flask of green liquid, "look at this! Fine wine...now we're talking"

Blake turned and sat down next to Lexa on the other sofa, "are you alright?"

"yes...I'm just wondering how long we are going to be holed up here for"

Blake placed a hand over hers, "When I get us out of here, and I WILL, I will get you to your brother...trust me"

Lexa nodded, " thank you Blake"


Zain looked at the four Thraxan guardians that stood around him in their counsel chamber. The chamber itself was a circular dip and on the floor was a low lying mist swirled about their feet. Ornate steps rose out leading up to a belcony on opposite sides of the room.

The guardian that wore a plain blue toga came forward, "As you are fully aware Space Commander Zain, Earth is too far for even our communications networks to reach - more especially since this Star-One was destroyed"

The other guardians all looked identical to the one speaking, they all had shaven heads, but their togas were different in colour, they each in turn nodded in agreement to what their fellow was saying.

Zain bit his tongue. Why the Federation hadn't crushed these non-entities when they were at their height of power before the war was a complete mystery to him.

He sighed, "what about the transport, I need to get back to federation space"

The guardian in the green toga cupped his hands together and spoke, "The nearest planet where a federation facility is located at Kobol. We will send help for you...until then please be our guest and have a pleasent experiance on Thraxa IV"

Zain looked at all the guardians around him in turn and was thin lipped, but he managed to mutter out, "thank you"


Blake laid back on the bed. The sheets were green silk against mood lit walls, and weird and wonderful wall ornaments he couldn't make head nor tail of.

He sighed. He could hear the running water next door, it was Lexa taking a shower. He stared at the wall and pictured the Liberator up there in deep space. His bracelet was gone, there was no way he could teleport back there now. He closed his eyes. What was he to do now? What was there to fight for? What was his function now?

To fight. He was too fight back, just because the war was over, it didn't mean the Federation was no more. They would fight back and he was going to be there waiting. Fighting like he did before and like he always believed in.

He had just come to a crossroads in his life, and now it was time to take a different direction. Avon could have the liberator if that's what he wanted, it wasn't going to stop him from what he believed in.

He opened his eyes and rubbed his cheek, he just needed to find away out of here and get Lexa to her brother. Thinking cap on.


Zain cupped his fist with one hand as he looked about his appartment. All this waiting round was driving him mad. He left by the door and walked across the plaza where there was a group of people chatting outside the steam baths. Zain turned to the railing and looked down towards the bottom level where there was more personnel and visitors moving up the escalator.

He backed away and put a large fonded pot plant between him and the view of a target he spotted. A black man. That political traitor Rowe.

Rowe, dressed in white towelling stepped off the escalator and moved towards him, Zain grabbed him and dragged him to the elcove beyond the row of pot plants that obscured them from plain view

Rowe swallowed as Zain held a gun to his neck from behind, "quiet now...or my finger may slip and pull the trigger..."
That's all for now folks!
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