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Re: News From The FBC

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2021 3:06 am
by thunda
Greetings to all current and soon to be Federation citizens. Trooper Pouthmiece here again with the latest news from the FBC. Fair and unbalanced.

File: Warlord

Good day, everyone. T.P. here on the planet Lovis continuing our ongoing live reporting segments. Today’s guest is the ruler of Lovis, President Mida.


TROOPER POUTHMIECE: Greetings sir, I’d like to...
Mida: Xenon.

Mida: The meeting was at Xenon base on the planet Xenon.

TROOPER POUTHMIECE: Well, that was a bit unexpected.
Mida: I watch your show. I’ll have the exact coordinates sent to your pilot, you don’t want to deal with the indigenous people. Nasty bunch.

TROOPER POUTHMIECE: Thank you, President Mida. I guess this will be a short show. Next stop, Lovis.
Mida: And it’s General Mida.

This has been trooper Pouthmiece. :trooper:
From strength to unity.