Amazingly bad Doctor Who Spoofs From Around The World!

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Amazingly bad Doctor Who Spoofs From Around The World!

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Their origins are shrouded in mystery, their production values are non-existent, their love for Doctor Who? Unstoppable! *adopts fighting stance.

Welcome to the confounding world of Doctor Who spoofs from around the globe.

These clips don’t so much capture the tone of the programme as, say, cobble together a handful of familiar tropes (the Daleks, TARDIS, the Cybermen) from whatever bits happen to be lying around; these parodies may not win many points for accuracy but they win a million life points for sheer entertainment value.

First up, how about this effort from Japan – seemingly filmed on VHS – which sees the Doctor confront a constantly ‘ho-ho-ho-ing’ Dalek, who, eager to destroy his foe, employees ‘Cybers’ to kung-fu fight the Doctor before getting fed up with their uselessness and doing the job itself.

That’s right, the Doctor judo chops a Dalek… not even Pertwee did that! If you haven’t already, click play above to start the amazement!

There’s so much to love in this clip: the Dalek trap which consists of the Doctor just walking into a forest, the Cybermen who appear to be wearing grey alien masks sprayed silver, ‘cyber…cyber…cyber’, the Doctor apparently regenerating into a superfly outfit to fight, the Dalek (or the guy wearing PVC trousers with a compost bin on his head) screaming ‘b*****d!’, the zoom-zoom-zooms, the score, which I need to track down; the whole thing is an absolute delight.

Although my favourite thing maybe the ‘Sonic Screw Sword’ which apart from being both a sonic screwdriver and a sword is also a flute too – because of course it is.

The theme of the Doctor just punching his way out problems continues with ‘Beedeer’ an Arabic effort by Christopher Paul and Deerhead purveyors of ‘the best TV in the world’ whose own parody is well… just watch the clip…

Well the title is accurate, there it is… a ‘beedeer’ although perhaps it’s accurate to describe it a ‘beedeermaninfetchingbrownshoesandgreysockswhocanbustamove’

It’s difficult to know what to make of it (other than it being completely insane) is it a parody of foreign parodies or an actual well intended parody (the text accompanying the video is Arabic but the actual company who produced the video has a Slovakian name) and it feels as though the plot has been tailored around the props available, rather than the Japanese parody, which at least attempts to fashion a plot around its baffling facsimiles.

However, what it does have going for it, is possible the greatest last line of anything ever…

“Ha, ha, ha, ha! You are lucky your husband is dead.”


Now watch and share these videos or I will kill you with my magic… and my sword!
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