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The 2015 Eastercon – called Dysprosium – made its
home near Heathrow where Blake’s 7 Wobblevision
continued with the filming of the Big Finish full-cast
audio series with Battleground.

1.2 Battleground

Avon teleports Blake back to
the Liberator after the exciting events in the last episode.
Blake wants to know why it took him so long.

 The Liberator heads for Straxis
(will it get there on time? Or at least by 11 o’clock)
as they continue to look for Alexa Michelov.

Zen tells the crew they are approaching Straxis. On
the flight deck are, from the left, Vila, Avon, Blake and
Jenna. Due to a contract dispute, Cally has been replaced
by a piece of paper.

The crew try to get Orac to brief them about
Michelov, but the box knows little, or is saying little.

Voss Ferrel briefs the troops while Alexa Michelov
marks his score out of ten; he didn’t get many.

The Liberator comes under attack as it hits a (very
human looking) wall of defence satellites.

Avon and Blake teleport
down to the surface…

…but are immediately captured by Abel Garmon and his colleagues.

Alexa is still not impressed with the way Voss is organising his army.

Abel tries to explain to Blake and Avon what is
going on while being bombed
(Note the no-expense spared bombing effect).

However, the bombs prove too realistic, so they run for it.

 Avon gets captured by a Scottish trooper.


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