Wobblevision - Harvest of Kairos

by Emma Peel

everything wobbles....
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An American Studios Production
Someone who should have known better
Special Guest Star
The Godmother as Brian the Spider


Cally asks the boys about their trip planetside, and Vila explains:

"We went to Sopron, and all Avon got was this lousy bit of rock."

It's a typical day on the Liberator flightdeck. Dayna tries out
her new alcohol detector on Vila, Cally has a Zen moment, and Tarrant
polishes his assets. No wonder Avon prefers the company of a rock.

Servalan rocks the Liberator, while Avon asks Cally to test the
power of - yes, you've guessed it - his rock.

Servalan meets a tall dark stranger. "Hold your fire," she tells
the trooper, "while I count the hairs on Jarvik's manly chest!"

She invites Jarvik back to her room to discuss strategy.

Meanwhile, the Liberator crew have a cracking plan to hijack the
Kairopan shuttle. Luckily, there don't seem to be any troopers around.


"Thanks for the ride, rebel scum. Now get your hands in the air!"
cry the troopers.
"You've got us bang to rights!" admits Vila.


"Damn you, Servalan!" snarls Avon. "Take the Liberator! My heels
are no match for yours."

Stranded on Kairos, Vila finds some Kairopan - "We're rich!" - but
Dayna finds a dead body. What awesome, terrifying monster can have
done this?

IT WAS BRIAN! After careful thought, Dayna decides being alive is
better than being rich and gives him the Kairopan.

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About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

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