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1.4 Mirror - continued

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Now they have got through the door, Avon inspects the computer that is meant to be as good as Orac and is not impressed.

A robot captures Avon, Vila and Blake.

Cally and Jenna are upset that Orac will not beam them on board the Liberator.

Travis interrogates Blake who screams a lot before realising it is not really Travis but a hologram.

Avon thinks Blake has betrayed them and shoots him,
in a thinly disguised homage to Gauda Prime.

Vila meets himself – getting confused yet?

Avon, Blake and Vila meet up and realise they have been hallucinating. 
Now it is clear. I think.

Locklan suddenly appears on the screen and addresses the three who now work out they have been tricked and betrayed. They are a bit upset.

Travis and the mutoid capture Locklan, who spots that the mutoid is her sister – you can see the family resemblance.

The mutoid kills Locklan in a bout of sibling rivalry.

Travis had locked Vila, Avon and Blake in a cell forgetting
Vila’s particular skill at opening doors.

Avon uses the naff computer to re-programme a load drones to destroy the base.

Jenna and Cally realise their planet hopper is in trouble and they are running out of air.

Travis and the mutoid chase Avon, Blake and Vila; Vila is shot at this point but that won’t worry those who remember he was wearing body armour.

Avon shoots the mutoid.

Avon, Blake and Vila take over a pursuit ship to fly back to Liberator.

 Avon and Blake teleport back to the Liberator,
but not Vila whose teleport bracelet is damaged.

Blake arrives on the planet hopper to rescue Jenna and Cally.

Blake and Avon can’t find Vila and then remember they left him behind.

In a cliff-hanger ending, Travis captures Vila.

Thank you to Ops for providing the robots, many of whom had their reputation permanently damaged during the making of this production. 

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