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About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

Syndeton Experiment
Part 2

Gaskia and Servalan gloat over an unconscious Tarrant
but their glee does not last long as… 

…Soolin, Avon and Dayna teleport down to rescue him (sorry, the special effects budget wouldn’t stretch to another teleport shot so soon after the last one).

Servalan tells Vledka to arrest Gaskia (told you Gaskia was in for it).

Tarrant (now controlled by Servalan thanks to syndeton) holds a gun on the rest of the crew.

But they all know Tarrant is a bit of a wimp, so they overpower him and tie him up. 

 Scorpio lands on the planet (we got some more money for special effects – well, enough to buy a stapler, we couldn’t find a door wedge).

Vila, Dayna and Avon are captured by a purple three-armed robot
(the Redemption beeblebear always wanted a part in a Wobblevision).

Tarrant tries talking Soolin into untying him
(there is no way she is stupid enough to do that).

Avon, Dayna and Vila meet Doctor Rossam.

Rossam is a mad scientist who offers them toasted cheese, cleverly disguised as sweets.

 Soolin turns out to be that stupid as she unties Tarrant after he asked her what he could do with one hand (the answer is to overpower her, not what some of you were thinking).

Rossam transfers Vila’s mind into another purple, three-armed robot (Two roles for the beeblebear! Let’s hope it doesn’t go to his heads, though there is probably enough room as there is only Vila in there).

  Tarrant turns up but they overpower him – he should be getting used to this by now – but robot Vila gets shot in the head.

Avon threatens Rossam to try to get the secret of syndeton.

Servalan and Vledka arrive to save Rossam.

Servalan puts on Rossam’s headset so she can get his power…

…but the power literally goes to her head and she collapses.

It turns out that Vila’s mind is really still in his own body. Rossam collapses and dies.

The crew hold a celebratory party on Scorpio.

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